A mother walks her child miles to school with the hope of a brighter future. The school provides a daycare for the women who do this every day so that they can work and provide a future for their families.  She is on her way to work at a bakery. She is hundreds of women who do this every single day.

This is a common scenario for young mother’s in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. Students attend regular classes from sunrise to about twelve, noon. And when it rain most days out of the week in Central America, there isn’t any class at all. It is too dark.

Through affiliations with The World Energy Foundation, local churches, and non-profit groups, we aim to implement electricity with renewable energy technologies. Providing young prospective leaders with the resources they need to express themselves creatively, academically, and professionally is the mission of The World Energy Foundation. Empowering these individuals with the educational tools they need will help to push humanity forward and level the global playing field.

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