These days passion and a good idea will only get you so far.  When looking at any industry there will always be a few whales, many sharks, hundreds of tuna and thousands of minnows. If you want to make a big splash you need leverage. Leveraging the success of your organization on a game changer is the goal for any start up.  You can’t do it alone, but you can’t necessarily afford help right off the bat either.  What better competitive edge is there than a deep seated knowledge, understanding and dependance on something so ubiquitous as technology?  Technology in and of itself leverages its own success on, well…itself.  At the heart of technology is ones and zeros yes, but, the environment in which those binaries live and breath is in the hardware.

Back in 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore came the realization that the number of transistors that fit in a square inch of IC was doubling each year.  This observation lead to the well known law of technological progress we know today as Moore’s Law. Generally speaking, technology grows exponentially every year like digital clockwork.  Today successful start-ups rely on technology to maintain an umbilical 24 hour connection to their business.  The ones that make it are the ones that will innovate on that technology.

The World Energy Foundation has leveraged its success on technology. We are innovating on how we use technology to expand our reach, spread awareness for our cause and scale our impact globally. Our mission is to use modern advances in technology to harness the power of nature and generate electricity so we can GIVE that natural energy to people that don’t have it.  But it didn’t stop there. We thought, if we were plugging in all these people why not allow them to teach us about who they are from the start?  After all, how much did we really know about these remote cultures if their history was analog at best?  In the for profit world, everything is about metrics. If the activity is not quantifiable in some way then you can’t report on it.  If you can’t report on it then there is no value. If there is no value then that activity should not be in your mix, or if it should be in your mix you better figure out how to measure it or risk losing your job, or worse yet…your company.

In a world of technology, data is EVERYTHING.  Google wouldn’t be who they are if they didn’t cherish the data.  Call them what you will but above everything else, Google is the Galaxy’s largest data mine. TWEF has an affinity for the data too.  We also love technology.  These passions lead us to the realization that by incorporating Arduino based computers in each of our global projects we can now plug remote villages and off grid communities into our digital society.  Our proprietary computers collect usage and appliance data and store it.  We then hire locally and train community members on how to collect the data and upload it to our TWEF network.  The network records and trends the data out which gives us a deeper understanding of each community’s needs.

TWEF uses these groundbreaking reporting methods to provide insight into societal norms never before understood.  It is a direct contributor to the global community. Better still, this information is made available to any non-profit organization, community or person who may be lacking specific data that they may need to push forth their own innovations.  Through educating each other on specific humanitarian needs we can then focus on progressively developing our global community toward a brighter future.


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