Nearly half of the 18 million citizens who inhabit this landlocked nation live below the poverty line, and GDP per capita hovers around $1,400 annually, about half of the tax return for the average American.  If that doesn’t put things into perspective maybe this will: the average American pays $100 a month on their cell phone alone. That’s $1200 a year.  The point is that developed countries live in a bubble, unexposed to the inequality that exists throughout the rest of the world.

In Burkina Faso, the citizenship has lower than a 30% literacy rate and an infant mortality rate that falls in the 25th percentile of the rest of the world. In a country where 0% of energy production takes advantage of the intense sun energy beating down on the landscape, it’s no wonder the people live in such poverty.  The goal of The World Energy Foundation is to harness the power of nature and give back the right to read a book, to see a doctor, to drink clean water or to provide for a family.

Our pilot project in Mogtedo, Burkina Faso aims to deliver a solar system in a women’s birthing center.  Electricity in this medical facility translates to life saving care that impacts the lives of thousands of Burkinabes.  By installing an electrical infrastructure in this facility that utilizes renewable solar energy, uninterrupted by unreliable grids or government controlled shut downs, the direct impact on this community has exponential resonance for years to come.

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